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Mar 25, 2023

Mindfulness does not mean that you need to sit in a quiet room for two hours and not speak or move. Mindfulness as this week's guest Chris Berlow states is keeping the main thing…. the main thing.

That's what we are talking about this week on overcoming distractions is how adults with ADHD, or anyone for that matter can implement some form of mindfulness in their daily habits.

Chris Berlow is the founder of Empowered Mastery and the author of the book Mindful Meditation for Busy Lives. Chris and Dave discuss the number of ways that we can make mindfulness easier.

Chris talks about how we only have a certain amount of mental energy as well as clarity and that energy gets depleted throughout the day. The more stressful and busy the day is, the more energy is depleted. That's why it is important especially for adults with ADHD to be mindful.

Something as simple as getting outside and taking a walk can be a great form of mindfulness. Other people choose gardening, cooking and outdoor sports. All these can be a form of mindfulness.

Chris talks about easy ways to even implement forms of meditation. By slowing our busy brains down, we have the ability to choose our own thoughts and gained clarity over what's going on in our lives.

Chris and Dave discuss even a simple form such as finding guided meditations on platforms such as Spotify and other streaming services that help you reduce anxiety and other benefits.

Want to learn more about Chris Berlow and Empowered Mastery as well as his book on mindful meditation? Find him at: