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Oct 24, 2020

I feel burned out. What do I do?

Have you every felt like you have had enough of a situation, job, career or other circumstances? You may be suffering from burnout. And if you're seeing this during COVID-19, you may very well be experiencing some type of burnout in your life.

In this podcast about burnout, we talk about how to recognize, and recover from challenging times in our life.

Mary Ellen Wasielewski is the guest and she is the founder of BLT Strategies just outside of Boston. Her firm helps business professionals suffering from major loss, big transitions in life, as well as burnout. She works with business executives, entrepreneurs and other high demand individuals.

In this discussion we talk about how burnout and COVID 19 have gone together in recent months. With the business world turned on its head, organizations needing to adjust strategies, and in the worst-case people losing jobs or businesses going under, we have seen a real surge in burnout.

Mary Ellen talks about the fact that many are experiencing burnout and may not even know it. She talks about how burnout is on the rise and the stress factors contributing two people feeling uneasy this past year.

Mary Ellen talks about how to recognize burnout in ourselves and others in the things to look for.

She talks about strategies to reset after burnout sets in including exercise, self-reflection, and looking forward past a burnout phase.

And Mary Ellen wraps up our discussion by talking about what not to do if we feel like we're heading towards burnout.

If you are feeling tired, stressed out, and have lacked direction during these times of coronavirus, please listen to this discussion.

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