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Sep 9, 2021

This week Dave is in search of entrepreneurs and business professionals that have ADHD. If you have a story to tell that involves your adult ADHD and the business world, it's time to connect with Dave.

The audience of Overcoming Distractions wants to hear your advice on managing and thriving with adult ADHD.

In the book Overcoming Distractions, Dave interviewed countless entrepreneurs, and much of the advice on how to manage ADHD came from those entrepreneurs and business professionals. There were also many experts in the world of ADHD but a lot of advice was street smart tactics that came straight from people like you.

If you have learned great tactics for managing your time as a business professional with ADHD, launched and grown a new business, developed other strategies to thrive with adult ADHD, or have a collection of strategies to manage ADHD as a business professional, it's time to contact Dave and possibly be on the podcast in an upcoming episode.

Take 15 minutes to listen to this podcast episode and hear what Dave is looking for and hopefully you can contribute to the overcoming distractions community and other adults with ADHD looking for great strategies to thrive.

Go to to connect with Dave