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Nov 21, 2020

ADHD coach Jeff Copper is back to discuss the topic of being more self-aware when you have ADHD.

One of the most powerful tools and strategies when it comes to thriving with ADHD is the concept of being more self-aware. That involves knowing what we are good at, what we struggle with as well as our relationship with time, our executive functions, and other behaviors that come along with having ADHD.

Dave and Jeff however start out their conversation discussing the current landscape when it comes to COVID 19 and adult ADHD. They briefly discuss what entrepreneurs and executives have been struggling with and some of the ways Jeff has coached those busy professionals to get a better handle on business and life during the pandemic.

Jeff points out one particularly important factor at the beginning of the discussion. And that is many of us are looking to affirm that many things about us are true. We do not often look for things that make us uncomfortable and part of self-awareness is just that. It is looking inward to uncover the challenges we experienced.

Jeff gives listeners what we would call his preflight checklist for maintaining self-awareness throughout the day. That includes asking yourself about what you are currently doing and if it is serving you well.

When you say yes to something and make a commitment, ask yourself what you are saying no to and decide if it is worth it.

Another part of self-awareness is understanding procrastination. Jeff recommends that when you get in this situation pause, take a step back and ask yourself what is hard about taking the next step. Also, ask yourself what you feel is unclear about the situation or the task at hand. Having clarity is an essential part of moving on tasks and productivity.

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