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Mar 16, 2022

Now that COVID-19 is becoming much more manageable in our lives, it's time to ask ourselves what we have learned over the past two years that can help us in the future. That's what Dave talks about in this ADHD Minute addition of Overcoming Distractions. Dave talks about some of the things that he has learned that can help him manage his business and life much better.

Dave talks about how he has gotten obsessive with time management including blocking off days, not responding to every notification that pops up, and getting very creative with his calendar.

He talks about personal goals before professional goals and that your personal goals should drive your career goals.

Dave also talks about how it's important to have routines but to always self-assess and be flexible when necessary.

And most of us should have learned this by now but making sure you set time aside to clear your head Several times a week or whenever needed. Dave talks about the importance of this.