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Jan 8, 2020

This week, Dave gets to sit down and chat with Max Fennell, a professional triathlete, entrepreneur and ADHD advocate. Max was also featured on the CBS show Million Dollar Mile, produced by LeBron James.


Max talks about growing up and how he found the world of triathlons and how a sports injury led him to this sport.


Max also discuses his tips for adults with ADHD and how he manages his ADHD including running and why he feels that is an important way to start the day.


Max and Dave also talk about the fact that many professional athletes have ADHD and that is the path in life they took.


Max gives the parents who may be raising a child with ADHD some hope and inspiration as he talks about making sure children and young adults who may be neurodiverse, the chance to find their way in life. Academics may not be for everyone and many with ADHD thrive in careers and business opportunities that they did not go to school for.


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