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Dec 19, 2020

This is part two of our discussion about radical self-acceptance with ADHD coach Diann Wingert.

Diann and Dave continue their discussion about why it is so important to get comfortable with yourself and accept your strengths and weaknesses. Doing so is a very powerful way to thrive in life and in business.

Diann talks about the negative biases of the brain and how that affects accepting who we are. She also talks about knowing what your triggers are so that you can minimize limiting beliefs and mindsets.

She also talks about how to embrace ourselves, moving towards a positive attitude, and how our emotions can control our behaviors.

Diann gives her road map to getting on that path of radical self-acceptance.

She talks about how to begin the process of creating a positive mindset. Diann also talks about the fact that there are people in our lives that are going to like us and not and that is all right. She said it is OK to stand out and be different and to share our gifts with others.

Diann also talks about how important it is to do things we are good at in our personal lives and in our careers.

She discusses how we must laugh at ourselves to begin to accept ourselves, we need to release resentment and self-pity and we need to forgive ourselves often.

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