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Jan 28, 2020

This week, Dave sits down with Dr. Hackie Reitman, the founder of Different Brains. Different Brains is a tremendous resource for those who consider themselves neurodiverse and their families. And for that matter, anyone that wants to learn more about those of us with different brains. From ADHD, autism and so much more, the website covers a wide range of topics.


Hackie and Dave talk about what neurodiversity is as well as where Hackie got his passion for this stage of his life. Hackie talks about his daughter and her challenges early on and how this inspired him to bring more attention to the world of neurodiversity.


Dave and Hackie talk about how a different brain can add value to a business and how different perspectives can be gained by an organization that listens to those with different abilities. Is ADHD misunderstood by the public and the business world? Hackie and Dave discuss this as well.


Hackie talks about his book Aspertools which is a guide for those with Asperger syndrome and others on the autism spectrum. You can find that book here:

Hackie also talks about how he got his movie made, The Square Root of 2 about his daughter’s experiences growing up. He talks about being a professional boxer, surgeon and so much more.


In all, this is a great discussion about those of us who have different brains.


Learn more about Hackie and find all the incredible resources he has developed with his team at: