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Dec 3, 2022

Many adults with ADHD decide to open their own business or become entrepreneurs. There are many reasons for this. But before we take on such an important journey, those with ADHD must be aware of what's ahead to succeed.

Whether you are looking at entrepreneurship or just looking to find your next career move, you'll...

Nov 29, 2022

One of the more challenging aspects of being in the workplace with ADHD is creating systems to get everything done. One key factor is having a to-do list system that works for your brain.

Many adults with ADHD struggle with finding a to-do list that works. When we do not have an effective to-do list that can help us get...

Nov 19, 2022

Adults with ADHD can make more career decisions than others. There are many reasons for this, including boredom, not being challenged, and other reasons, such as overwork and burnout.

Reevaluating your career, which will affect your overall life, is a process that should not be done with impulsiveness. Thought and care...

Nov 16, 2022

In this mini episode of Overcoming Distractions, Dave talks about how important having clarity is when you are an adult with ADHD. Having clarity in all areas of your life is an important goal to pursue, but in the workplace, it is crucial to thriving and surviving in a job or a career.

Dave talks about the hazards when...

Nov 12, 2022

Have you ever wondered if you should disclose your ADHD to your employer, boss, or coworkers? Maybe even your clients?

First, this is your choice, but hopefully this discussion will help you make the right choice for your situation.

This week we have back Grant Crowell, Author of Grantasms Creative twisted words for...