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Feb 3, 2020

This week Dave invited Jeff Copper from Dig Coaching back to continue the theme of ADHD myths. There are many myths about ADHD and Jeff and Dave tackle one that is always on the minds of many.

Myth- People with ADHD cannot focus.

This myth discussion is for both the general public and those with ADHD who feel they cannot focus.

While many with ADHD do have issues with attention, the fact that those with ADHD cannot focus is simply not true. Yes, some with ADHD do have challenges with focus but there are a few key elements when it comes to focus, attention and getting important matters taken care of.

Jeff explains that what we focus on depends on what we are interested in which is not unlike anyone. Whether an individual has ADHD or not, humans pay attention to things that they are interested in.

That goes for career and other interests.

Dave and Jeff talk about emotions, social media, getting in the right job and right career and they discuss positive self-talk. They also talk about how certain jobs and industries change with innovation and technology and how that can affect someone’s ability to focus.

Jeff also discusses way in which those with ADHD can increase their focus.

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