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Dec 3, 2022

Many adults with ADHD decide to open their own business or become entrepreneurs. There are many reasons for this. But before we take on such an important journey, those with ADHD must be aware of what's ahead to succeed.

Whether you are looking at entrepreneurship or just looking to find your next career move, you'll find great value in this discussion with Aron Croft of Hidden ADHD.

Aron discusses some of the pros and cons of people with ADHD entering self-employment or entrepreneurship. He talks about why many with ADHD want and need freedom, the desire for scalability in their business, and being in charge because many with ADHD do not like being told what to do.

Aron also talks about why he decided to become an entrepreneur but is honest about his journey along the way, which was not always smooth. While Aron had a great job, he found himself looking for a higher calling and began the process of building his entrepreneurial journey on the side.

Aron also talks about the different types of fit you need to be aware of if you are venturing out on your own, including the market, whether the product fits you and your values, pricing, and the process. Do these fit into the way you can operate?

He also discusses several productivity tips, activation psychology, and building the right habits to take your next steps.

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