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May 1, 2021

In this podcast, Dave gets to talk with Anjle a multidisciplinary artist and performer (drag, burlesque, illustration, opera, theater, prop-making, set design, stage managing, producing, etc.). Anjle has done it all!

Anjle was officially diagnosed with ADHD just weeks before our podcast recording. Anjle talks about struggles in the past and the tools needed to navigate those challenges. Before even being diagnosed with ADHD, Anjle was already using tools and coping skills to have a thriving career as an artist.

Dave talks with Anjle about a whole host of topics including creating systems, thriving with good strategies, identifying strengths and other ways to grow professionally. Both talk about how using paper instead of electronic organizes work best for both. To name a few...

Anjle and Dave Talk about the stigmas associated with neurodiversity, navigating the workplace and society in general and how to be better in tune with ourselves.

Anjle gives tips for navigating a neurodiverse life as an adult and an artist.

If you are in the creative or performing arts, this is a great discussion to dig into!