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Oct 15, 2022

Managing adult ADHD can be challenging for the best of us. Managing burnout can be a tremendous effort for many as well. When we have both, that presents circumstances that should cause us to take action to improve our well-being.

This week we talk about adult ADHD, burnout, and many other challenges those of us face in our lives. Catherine Avery of Catherine Avery ADHD Coaching is the guest this week.

Catherine discusses how she managed adult ADHD, two experiences of burnout, and recovery from cancer.

She also discusses why she experienced burnout more than once and why she needed to make changes in her life after this second burnout.

One key takeaway in this podcast from her experience with burnout is telling people to ask for help.

Because Catherine is also a productivity and ADHD coach, she offers tips for improving productivity during stressful times.

It's OK to be unproductive sometimes.

Find a hobby or sport that you like.

Meditation can help with productivity.

Pause, plan, and prioritize.

Save time by taking 10 minutes to plan your day.

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