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May 29, 2021

Dave tackled the subject of burnout in this solo podcast episode. Burnout has always been a challenge whether you are a caregiver, parent, or suffering from career burnout, the struggle is nothing new. However as we've seen during this past year and our experiences with COVID-19, many more people may be experiencing burnout in many ways.

Dave first shares his personal story a burnout in the restaurant business. It was not only mentally exhausting but took a toll on his body. He talks about some of the things you should ask yourself if you feel like you are burned out.

Dave runs through a series of questions you should ask yourself such as, do you feel disconnected, are you emotionally exhausted, are you cynical, have you set boundaries and you have challenges saying no to others and yourself when pressed for time.

He also examines whether you need a vacation or whether your burnout is much more severe.

Dave offers his suggestion based on personal experience and others he has interviewed for an upcoming project on burnout. He talks about ways to make adjustments in your life, how to slow down, how to make sure that you are running your own life in your own schedule, and suggests finding purpose once again in your life.

Dave and others also suggest finding a way to get excited about life again.