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Sep 13, 2020

How do I know what type of online ADHD support I can use?

It is a common question and there are many resources out there for adults with ADHD. In this podcast we go over the many types of resources available to those with ADHD, how to navigate those resources and find out what the best fit is for you.

From podcasts about ADHD, blogs , online courses , as well as virtual coaching, there are a whole host of resources available and this week we have Laura MacNiven from the Springboard Clinic to go through those topics and sort out what the best ones are . Laura is the author of the book and workbook May We Have Your Attention Please and is the cofounder of the Springboard Clinic in Canada.

Laura will take us through the pros and cons of managing your ADHD virtually , She will discuss what our expectations should be when trying to manage ADHD through a virtual program , she will talk about accountability and how you can best use accountability in a virtual setting.

We discuss some of the negatives of the online world of ADHD including unhealthy dialog on platforms such as Twitter and why in many cases, this serves us no good in helping us thrive with our ADHD. While social media has helped many with shared experiences and meeting like-minded people, there tends to be some unhealthy conversations that do not serve us well.

Laura talks about the commitment that you need to manage your ADHD in an online setting and we discuss one of the most powerful tools in thriving with ADHD-self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the foundation for anyone who want to thrive with ADHD and make positive change.

May We Have Your Attention Please Online Course for ADHD

Laura introduces us to the online version of her book, May We have Your Attention Please. The book is a fantastic resource and we know the online version will be just as effective in helping those with ADHD manage and thrive.

Laura takes us through how the course works, what those who go through the course can expect as well as how the course is run from month to month.

She has also given listeners of Overcoming Distractions a 15 percent off code that you should use if you want to subscribe to her course. Find the course link below.