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Nov 28, 2017

What happens when you’re the person in charge and you are prone to distractions? Many entrepreneurs as well as those with leadership positions can be easily distracted when it comes to leading an organization. And distractions don’t just come in the form of not getting your own work and tasks completed. Distractions can lead to an entire organization getting off track.

When you are running an organization of any size, you are going to have both internal and external distractions. There will be days when you have trouble with focus and there will be other days when distractions just lead the day.

In this podcast I talk with Dave Turano, founder of JCE Consulting, just outside of Boston. Dave works with organization to help foster better communication, build trust among teams and foster better leadership within an organization.

What distracts leaders and entrepreneurs?

What are the hazards of a distracted leader? How does this affect their business?

What is the ball that gets dropped most often?

What can leaders and entrepreneurs do to communicate better with their team?

How can a distracted leader or entrepreneur do to get their own tasks completed while leading a team?

You can find Dave at: