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Sep 18, 2021

In this podcast, we are going to laugh at, and about our ADHD. And we're going to learn how to find the humor with our adult ADHD.

On Overcoming Distractions this week is Pasha Marlowe, a therapeutic comedy coach. Pasha is going to walk us through how to find humor in our day-to-day activities in the ADHD world and how to use laughter as a tool to manage and thrive with adult ADHD.

Pasha and Dave talk about not only humorous things that have happened during the pandemic but what they have learned through this era of COVID-19. And Pasha discusses her own challenges.

Pasha discusses why many people find it difficult to laugh about their challenges and struggles including ADHD and she also discusses why it is important for the mind and body to be able to find humor in everyday situations.

Dave and Pasha have a discussion about how we can begin to find more humor and other things to laugh at in our daily lives and why it is so critical for our mental health to be able to lighten up throughout the day.

And Pasha talks about her therapeutic comedy coaching sessions and programs. Make sure you check out her comedy coaching.

Learn more about Pasha Marlowe and her coaching programs on her website.