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Sep 16, 2019

In this episode, we dig a little deep into the mind and mindset of an adult with ADHD.

While we often discuss some of the basic techniques and habits to thrive with ADHD such as sleep, exercise, time management and others,  we are going to get into our minds a little bit in this episode.

Having a proper mindset is important in all aspects of a successful life but when it comes to managing and thriving with ADHD, it’s a critical part of the mix. Having the proper mindset allows you to make better decisions, not dwell on challenging situations you are placed in and it gives you the ability to see things in a different and more positive way.

Jeff tells us about his ADHD coaching practice and other activities around ADHD such as Attention Talk Radio.

Jeff defines mindset and he tells us why it’s an important part of thriving with adult ADHD.

We did into some examples of the wrong mindset with ADHD and how to think differently about challenging situations.

And we touch on how to start on a new path of mindset and self-awareness in order for an adult to thrive with ADHD.

We also chat about procrastination and the true reason why we do so, obstacle to a positive mindset and how to work with your ADHD brain.

If you need some new thoughts and inspiration to manage your ADHD, this is a great episode.


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