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Aug 21, 2021

The ADHD brain always gets cluttered when we have too much to do and too much information to process. That's why it is so important for us to take time out whenever needed to do what we call a brain dump.

That's the focus of this episode. We will talk to Jenna Knight an ADHD coach based in Massachusetts. She has come up with an organized process for conducting this must-have tool in your arsenal.

But first, Jenna and Dave discuss why the ADHD brain often gets cluttered and bogged down. They discuss why oftentimes, adults with ADHD have information, notes, and to-do lists all over the house and even all over our workplace.

Jenna talks about how at first, we just need to get comfortable writing everything down. And she emphasizes not having a filter when doing this. It doesn't matter whether it's home, school, work-related, or anything else. She encourages us to dig deep and just get everything on paper to start.

Jenna walks us through how to categorize our brain dump after that, including a seven-step process that includes prioritizing what is due, prioritizing appointments we have, and other important tasks.

She recommends creating categories, eliminating, and even delegating tasks, and possibly postpone certain tasks that are not urgent.

She also recommends planning out daily tasks that reoccur.

Jenna recommends doing this anytime you have too many lists and posted notes lying around the house or in your workplace.

Take the time and listen to this podcast and learn Jenna’s seven-step process to get more organized with a brain dump.

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