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Jan 23, 2021

Communicating in a remote workplace is much different than how you communicate with coworkers and others in person. We have all found this out since COVID-19 struck us. This podcast is going to go through how we can improve our communications when we have different brains, as well as communicating with other different brains.

Back on the podcast is Grant Crowell the author of Grantasms- Twisted Creative Words for Cool People.

Grant also serves as a trainer for various individuals and organizations and helps to train those with a neurodiverse background.  

Grant and Dave discussed the fact that communication has changed and suffered in this new remote world we are living and working in. Grant talks about some of the biggest struggles with online communication and specifically for those with ADHD or other different brains.

Grant discusses the differences between face-to-face meetings and online meetings as well as the challenges that both have presented us this past year.

Grant talks about some of his strategies for better communication and he talks about how two different brains, for example, two people with ADHD can communicate more effectively with each other.

Grant offers his tips for better communication including coming to commonality with others, the power of listening, the power of follow-ups, mimicking communication styles, and making sure you do not assume anything especially when it comes to communicating online. He also discusses the power of a communication audit in an organization.

Find Grant’s book here: