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May 22, 2021

In this episode, we discuss how those of us with ADHD can develop better eating habits. Dave is joined by Sarah Stites, the founder of the Wavelength app to discuss eating, nutrition, and proper food choices. And they also talk about cutting yourself some slack every now and then.

Sarah first discusses her own ADHD as well as other challenges that led to substantial weight gain as a young adult. She talks about how she had to learn more about food in the science of food and nutrition.

Dave and Sarah chat about food comfort and that brains love to eat. Food can give us a dopamine shot.

Dave and Sarah also discussed that being hungry is a distraction for anybody and that we need to learn proper habits and routines to not get to that point.

Sarah talks about what contributes to unhealthy eating habits, the discipline when trying to eat healthy and why many with ADHD can struggle with proper meal planning and eating.

Sarah also discusses what foods can help us focus including reducing sugar and yes, increasing fat intake. But she also discusses good and bad fats.

Sarah discusses how self-care is a whole thinking approach and she also discusses how shame, which many with ADHD struggle with, can contribute to unhealthy eating.

Sarah then talks about how the wavelength app can help anyone whether they have ADHD or not, develop sound eating habits.

You can find out more about Wavelength at their website.