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Oct 11, 2020

This podcast we chat with Alex Hey, an ADHD coach and founder of Reset ADHD. Alex walks us through his journey through school into adulthood an ultimately getting an ADHD diagnosis at the age of 20.

While Alex’s is story is a common story in the world of ADHD, it is still Alex's story. He confesses that he did not do well in elementary school, teachers always wrote the proverbial “Alex needs to try harder” quote, and he claims he was fidgety as well as a child.

When Alex was 20 and in college, he had so much difficulty paying attention that he finally asked his doctor for an ADHD analysis. And from there, Alex was diagnosed with ADHD.

Ultimately, Alex went and got certified as an ADHD coach and now helps others in similar situations. Alex talks about his journey in becoming an ADHD coach, who he likes to work with, and how he can help others.

Alex is a huge advocate for getting a good night's sleep. He talks about why sleep is so important when you have ADHD, his own personal sleep routine, and he gives tips for healthy sleep habits.

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