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May 21, 2022

What is the difference between knowing about ADHD and owning our ADHD? Jeff Copper from DIG Coaching comes back on Overcoming Distractions to discuss this topic.

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If adults with ADHD are going to thrive in life and in professional settings, we are going to have to understand how to own our ADHD. It's important for us to understand our individual ADHD as well as how our brain operates but it is also equally important for those with ADHD to be able to take charge.

Jeff copper and Dave talk about what it takes to actually be in charge of your ADHD and take ownership of it.

First, Jeff gives us a refresher course on executive functions and includes information about how important self-awareness is as well as emotional self-regulation. He discusses exactly what self-awareness is and if those with ADHD can truly be aware of themselves and their surroundings.

Jeff and Dave also discussed the relationship our emotions and self-awareness have and how tuning into these can help us thrive in all areas of our life.

Another big question that Jeff answers is the difference between knowing about ADHD and owning ADHD.

And as always on overcoming distractions, there are many tips that you can walk away with to implement in your life. Jeff gives us a number of basic tips to get started on the process of owning your ADHD.

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