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Mar 12, 2022

Improving communication in the workplace is something everyone should strive for but for those of us with adult ADHD, it needs to be an ongoing process of identifying what can be effective. Some of us receive communications differently, some of us put out communications in the workplace that can be misunderstood, and the bottom line is not every communication style is a match.

This week we have back Grant Crowell, Author of Grantasms Creative twisted words for cool people!  and a self-professed social wordsmith. Grant and Dave discuss how to improve strategic communications in the workplace as well as being an entrepreneur with ADHD. As you'll find Grant's book also injects a little fun and humor into the process.

  • What exactly is strategic communications and why do we need to practice it?
  • How do we have fun and reduce stress while improving communication styles?
  • How do we find the right patterns of communication as well as capture the attention of our coworkers and others?
  • How can we connect appropriately as well as implement some humor in meetings and other settings?
  • How can we be mindful of the social context of things we say as well as read the room.
  • Why do we ADHD’ers need to focus on being strategic in our communications?
  • Why is clarity in communication so important for those of us with ADHD?
  • Grant and Dave discuss the topic of co-workers or clients not giving clarity on projects or assignments. Vague directions, etc…which leads many with ADHD to procrastinate.
  • They also talk about how some co-workers, a boss, or clients can abuse our people-pleasing nature. Many of those with ADHD are people pleasers and it leads to exhaustion, frustration, overwork, and burnout. How do we communicate properly and train others on how to treat us?
  • And Grant gives a fast lesson and roadmap to being more strategic in our communications.

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