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Jul 13, 2020

People, whether they have  ADHD or not, are always looking for ways to build more confidence and get rid of the doubt going on inside their heads. This week, we’ll talk about going from doubt, to increasing your self-confidence with Rochelle Seltzer, and executive coach based just outside of Boston, MA.

Some of the discussion points we have during the conversation include talking about what cause doubt in our lives including business and in our personal life. We talk about whether doubt is the same has being stuck and how the two can work together to get in the way of moving forward in life.

We discuss how some people may have a real burst of confidence and the suddenly have that last-minute doubt when it’s time to execute on a project or other large life event. We talk about self-sabotage and if they could be related.

The discussion transitions to what confidence can do for us in business and in life and Rochelle talks about the process for changing your mindset from constant doubt to having more confidence.

Rochelle lays out some daily exercises that help us control doubt and increase confidence and talks about some of the routines we can get ourselves into to help.

How do we handle outside forces that try to tear our confidence down? Rochelle talks about that and she presents her top tips to go from doubt to increasing self-confidence.

Find Rochelle and her book here: