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Jan 30, 2021

In this episode, we talk about getting your ADHD life back on a positive cycle and identify the lessons learned from the past year. While there has been a lot of negativity in our lives the past year, we know we can find some positives to help us through the coming years as well as lessons learned.

This week we have back Dr. Sarah Cheyette who has incredible knowledge in the world of ADHD. She has been on the podcast several times and offers tremendous insights into how we can thrive with ADHD.

This week we discuss how many with ADHD may have let certain things in our life and business get a little out of control due to the circumstances of the pandemic. They may be subtle things but are issues we need to work on to thrive in the coming year.

Sarah and Dave discuss how many of us may have lost our job, started a new job or career, had increased family obligations and how we have had to prioritize those to create a so-called normal life during these times.

Dr. Sarah digs deep into why many of us have let our negative thoughts take over and how this has happened. You do not have to have ADHD to have negativity slowly fill your life because of what we are living through. Everyone is experiencing some form of negative thinking.

Sarah talks about how we can look back at what we have learned in the past year and how much of this can benefit us in the future. That includes learning new skills, developing new routines, finding new ways to work as well as get things done around the house and even learning to be a home cook.

How can we improve focus with these new skills? Sarah offers her advice. She also offers her professional advice on how to set goals given our current circumstances.

Sarah walks us through how to get back on a positive cycle and slowly shed that negative thought process. She helps us be slightly better today than we were yesterday.

If you feel like negativity has been taking over your life this past year, this is a great discussion and worth your time.

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