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Jun 11, 2022

Many of us with ADHD take the self-employment route. Sometimes we have great ideas and want to run the show, other times maybe it's our only route because the corporate world isn't a great place for us to be. And…Maybe we got fired…

Working for yourself is incredibly rewarding but it takes discipline, vision, and an obsession with minimizing distractions. Even if you don't actually own a business but maybe you're in sales, a freelancer, or another career where growth and revenue are directly related to your effort, listen up.

Dave talks about three habits that entrepreneurs with ADHD do very well in this short podcast. There are many more critical habits that a self-employed person with ADHD needs to have but Dave talks about some of the top ones here.

Staying focused on these three things will allow you to have less stress, manage ADHD much better as well as thrive in business and in life.

Are you a self-employed person with ADHD and want to work with Dave?