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May 8, 2021

Those of us with ADHD need to take careful consideration into how we structure our workplace as well as the working conditions we surround ourselves with. To feel productive, focused and to minimize the distractions we may encounter, putting ourselves in the ideal working conditions can benefit both of us, our employers, and if we are entrepreneurs, our clients.

In this episode, we talk about how to create ideal working conditions for your ADHD and distracted brain. Returning to Overcoming Distractions is Grant Crowell, the author of GRANTASMS: Twisted Creative words for cool people!

Grant also has extensive experience in the profession of workplace training and assisting those with different brains be more productive in the workplace.

Grant and Dave discuss how the past year during COVID-19 has either helped or hurt the productivity of those with ADHD. They talked about some of the common struggles associated with the workplace including focus, distractions, and accountability as well as putting the proper systems in place.

Grant suggests understanding what motivates you to work and keeping a close eye on that wherever your workplace is. He suggests keeping what he calls a 5-minute Journal, laying out what you are grateful for, trying to keep a positive mindset, and at the end of each day Journal about the good things that happened in the workplace.

He talks about how to find your energy and how joining groups of like-minded people, getting coaching as well as joining masterminds can help you work better.

Grant also suggests that there really is no ideal workspace, but you can do your best to find a setup that works for you. That includes where to place your desk, the type of chair, your computer monitors and their locations, and even the color and arrangement of your room.

Create also suggest understanding the goals when setting up your workplace, will you be on constant video conferences or do you tend to use other tasks such as writing.

Grant and Dave always have fun on these podcast episodes, and we are sure you'll enjoy this one as well!

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