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Nov 11, 2019

The topic this week is about how to have more confidence in business and in your personal life. This week on Overcoming Distractions the podcast, Dave speaks with Alyssa Dver, founder of The American Confidence Institute.


Many who might have had a challenging upbringing (such as ADHD) have had their confidence eroded over time. Dave and Alyssa talk about why some people have lost their confidence or in many cases, never had enough confidence to chase their dreams or big goals.


Alyssa defines confidence and lets us know exactly what she feels leads to a professional having the confidence they need in business.


Other discussion points in this podcast include, the topic of what actually contributes to lack of confidence and what brain science has to do with confidence. They discuss what can do for us in a business setting and the steps someone needs to take to create more confidence in their lives.


Alyssa and Dave also chat about one of the age-old questions-Confidence VS> Arrogance. What is the difference and how do we spot it.


Alyssa and her team also offer confidence coaching and she explains how confidence coaching is different than other coaching such as a business coach or life coaching.


Alyssa also discusses imposter syndrome and how this is connected to confidence. Many men and women as well as people with ADHD experience imposter syndrome at one time or another in their lives and Alyssa talks about what this is and how to counter it.


Alyssa works with professionals from all walks of life. From business professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, academics and many others.


Learn more about Alyssa Dver and the American Confidence Institute at: