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Feb 6, 2021

This week we are talking about how to celebrate small wins when you have adult ADHD and how to learn from those little slices of success.

Daniel Warren is the guest. He is an entrepreneur and a law school graduate. Dan like many of us with ADHD had some challenges navigating the school system when he was younger. He talks about growing up and go into school with ADHD and includes the bad and the good experiences. He even talks about the stigma associated with ADHD growing up.

Dan talks about how he eventually attended law school and how he succeeded with intense demand on studying in good grades. He talks about adjustments he needed to make as well as holding himself accountable and taking responsibility in order to get through law school.

Dan talks about how to celebrate those small wins and how when you have ADHD the meaning of success can mean something different for everyone.

Dan talks about how to find those wins and to try new things in order to thrive with adult ADHD.

And then introduces us to his full metal intensive 90 day leadership seminar which he conducts.

And Dave and Dan discuss changing the term of ADHD from the word disorder to variance and why Dan thinks this way.