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Aug 27, 2022

We can incorporate mindfulness into our busy ADHD lives in several ways. Mindfulness doesn't always mean meditation. It means that you can give something your full attention without being distracted. And it should help reduce your stress.

Can art help people with ADHD relax and increase their creativity?

This week we have Faigie Kobre on the podcast, founder of Creativity Reunited. She spends much of her time helping people create art through alcohol inks which she explains in the podcast.

She has some great tips in this podcast if you are an adult with ADHD and looking for something different to help reduce your stress.

Faigie talks about being diagnosed with adult ADHD later on in life and how seeking a diagnosis came about.

She talks about being a high end professional photographer and how after an ADHD diagnosis, she made the career change to educate people about art.

She discusses how alcohol inks can help people relax and feel at ease, even those with ADHD and how this fits into the mixed media art community.

Faigie discusses how everyone can get started with art, even if you feel you're not good at being creative through art. She says alcohol inks are a great way to express your creativity initially.

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