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Jul 24, 2021

Overcoming Distractions is back with another episode and this one, once again it's dedicated to why exercise is so important for people with ADHD.

Our guest this week is Gabriel Villarreal, owner of ADHD Counseling in the Roanoke Valley. Gabriel has a unique concept in helping his clients manage their ADHD that more and more people should get on board with.

Gabriel meets many of his clients in the gym. He will explain why he does this and why it has been so effective in helping individuals with ADHD.

First, Gabriel discusses why it is so important for people with ADHD to embrace some type of exercise in their lives. And he gives us an education as to what exercise actually does to and for the ADHD brain.

He talks about how exercise can help in so many areas of our life including experiencing better sleep and even controlling our appetite in some cases. Gabriel talks about how can help manage our hyperactivity and help us to cope with distractions.

He discusses his program of meeting his clients in the gym and how effective it has been.

And Gabriel gives us his tips for getting started and staying on track with some type of exercise program. Those tips include finding a coach that can help you write an exercise program, stick to regular habits to see results, and cautions us about relying on motivation alone. Habits are critical to sticking with an exercise program and getting the results you need as a person with ADHD.

Learn more about Gabriel as well as the programs he offers here.

Now go to the gym!