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Mar 9, 2020

If you want to improve your focus with ADHD, this will be a great podcast for you to listen to. Back for round two is Dr. Sarah Cheyette, a specialist in ADHD and the author of Winning with ADHD and the title of our podcast, ADHD and The Focused Mind.

In her book, Sarah and her co-authors Peter Johnson and Ben Cheyette walk readers through how you can use the techniques of athletes and martial artists to achieve greater focus when you have ADHD.

Sarah and Dave first talk about the myth that those with ADHD cannot focus. In fact, people with ADHD can have tremendous focus when they want to and on things that matter to them. They address both the public’s perception as well as the self-talk that many with ADHD tell use to tell themselves otherwise.

Sarah and Dave discuss our need for goals, how we have our best performance when we have practical and achievable goals and how self esteem comes from achievement. Sarah also goes through the concept of SMART Goals and how to implement them in your life.

Sarah talks about the will to train versus the will to win and how they differ.

And Dave and Sarah discuss how to how mind and body work together to help those with ADHD including nutrition, sleep, exercise, a healthy breakfast and positive visualization. How to keep your spirit up and the importance of believing in yourself.

Find Sarah Cheyette and the book here: