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Nov 27, 2021

ADHD and entrepreneurship do go together quite well, most of the time. Many people with adult ADHD end up working for themselves for a whole host of reasons. And while this might be a great option, there comes an immense amount of time management strategy involved in any entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode, we talk with Roxanne Jarrett from Swellhead Coaching and Support Services about entrepreneurship, ADHD, and managing your time effectively. Roxanne loves to work side by side with entrepreneurs that just happen to have ADHD and she offers a number of great tips for maximizing your time and staying focused.

You don't have to be an entrepreneur to get a ton of value from Roxanne’s tips.

Roxanne talks about some of the advantages that an entrepreneur with ADHD has. And she also discusses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether entrepreneurship is still a great path for people with ADHD.

She talks about many of the common time management challenges that adults with ADHD encounter when it comes to entrepreneurship, and she offers her advice for tackling those issues.

Roxanne says that as entrepreneurs with ADHD, we need to cut ourselves some slack sometimes, give ourselves the validation that we deserve as well as the credit needed to stay focused on our entrepreneurial journey. Some days we will accomplish much and others not so much.

And Roxanne talks about the must-haves for managing time and staying focused as an entrepreneur with ADHD. Those include having a passion for the work you do, having a road map to grow and continue to thrive, and putting the systems in place that work for your brain.

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