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Oct 1, 2022

In this podcast, we are talking about one of Dave’s favorite topics and that is ADHD and entrepreneurship. If you are an adult with ADHD and you've thought about starting your own business, or you have just become an entrepreneur, you'll take away several items to think about in your journey as somebody who is self-employed.

Back on the podcast is Skye Rapson the founder of the Unconventional Organisation based in New Zealand, which offers various types of ADHD support. Skye herself as an entrepreneur, discusses how she entered the world of entrepreneurship and what it took to get her organization off the ground.

Skye also talks about some of the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur with ADHD and what she did to mitigate some of those challenges to be able to grow her business.

Skye and Dave discuss some of the areas that entrepreneurs with ADHD should focus on to become successful. Those include:

Understanding your ADHD, including your strengths and weaknesses. Also, understanding that you are an entrepreneur with ADHD.

Skye says it's important to understand how the day works for you as well as the best times of day to get certain types of work accomplished.

Dave and sky also discuss how to find the best system for to-do lists and other productivity strategies.

Skye says it is also important to get the right support, whether that is administrative support or a coach that understands ADHD and entrepreneurship.

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