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Jul 10, 2021

Conflict is just part of life and part of the business world. How we choose to enter conflict and resolve differences and disagreements with others can make all the difference in the world.

For those with ADHD, many find resolving conflict challenging to say the least. Because many of us can have difficulty regulating emotions, it gets in the way of resolving conflict properly and amicably.

Back on Overcoming Distractions is Brendan Mahan, from ADHD Essentials.

We discuss whether avoiding conflict is something common in people with ADHD and why. Dave and Brendan discuss how emotions can get the best of us with ADHD when it comes to conflict resolution and how certain emotions limit progress.

We discuss why many people with ADHD might create conflict where it is not necessary.

Brendan discusses how resolving conflict involves us listening through the noise and getting better at active listening. We need to set and understand the rules for conflict and assume that the other person has good intentions.

Productive conflict involves asking the right questions as well as getting ahead of the conflict, so it does not get out of control. Brendan suggests owning your mistakes but owning your strengths as well.

He also suggests that it's very important to understand how self-reflection plays into conflict.

And Dave and Brendan do discuss that there are times when it is not a good idea to get involved in conflict and to revisit the matter later.

Brendan lays out other steps on how those with ADHD can get better at resolving conflicts before they get out of hand.

Brendan operates ADHD essentials which offers coaching, parenting groups, and the very popular podcast by the same name. Find Brendan here.