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Jan 15, 2022

To kick off the year 2022, we have ADHD coach Jeff Copper back. Jeff is with DIG Coaching and always has a wealth of information and tools for adults with ADHD.

This week we are talking about goals but, activating the necessary steps to achieve your goals and even specific tasks. Most of us have goals we want to achieve or projects we want to embark on but for those of us with adult ADHD, we need an activation plan. Sometimes it's as simple as getting the house clean or more involved such as embarking on a project for work. But for most of us who tend to be distracted, a plan is necessary.

How do we activate a plan when we have ADHD?

First as Coach Jeff Copper explains we need to understand how our executive functions work as well as possibly get in the way when it comes to getting things done. That involves some substantial self-awareness in understanding the way our brain works. Also as Jeff explains, we need to own our ADHD.

We need to understand what distractions do when it comes to being challenged with activating plans of all types and we need to get a firm grip on how uncertainty and lack of clarity delay tasks and projects.

Jeff talks about some simple steps to get better at activating plans, projects, and other tasks.

He suggests asking yourself what is hard about getting started on a particular project or simple task and to bring that further, acknowledge what is difficult about getting started.

He also recommends understanding what is easy about getting started and analyzing both.

Learn more about working with ADHD coach Jeff Copper here: